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A tyger's adventure in coming to Texas

I'm sorry for not being around much lately. This month as well as the last have been considerably busy, and lately I've been preparing for the arrival of the tyger we all know and love, cwtyger. With Christmas cards and Christmas mixed in with this it was quite a fiasco trying to get it all to come together. LJs and email kind of fell to the wayside. That being said, come the 27th I drove to Amarillo through snow and ice(it truly was snowing with ice on the roads here in town and the 12 or so miles between here and Hartly, then just snow between there and Amarillo), and prepared to get up the next morning to pick up CW at the airport. Unfortunately, in the process leading up to his arrival I'd managed to catch a bug. I came down with this nasty invader that night and went to bed very early for me, around 10PM. My phone rang, stirring me from sleep at 11:51, but I barely managed to pull myself from sleep to see that I didn't recognize the number. Then it was gone. Blinking blearily, I wondered if it could've been the tyger. A few minutes later I heard the beep denoting a voicemail. I checked it to find that "Something terrible" had happened and he would be delayed a full day before arriving. I could not do anything at the moment as my mother, who I was staying with, was asleep, and the computer needed some fast virus and spyware scanning before I'd even attempt to sign into anything. Besides, it makes a lot of noise, the thing sounds like it's coming apart when you first start it up, and I didn't want to wake her. I went back to sleep, or at least tried to. It isn't easy to sleep when you're worried. The next day I called Radar, as the email I finally checked told me to do, and she filled me in on the details. CW had left his passport behind in Revelstoke and would have it to take the same flight the next evening. All was well and good, and I could have a day to rest and get over whatever I had caught...

So we thought. Greyhound, which he'd taken from Revelstoke to Kelowna failed to get his passport to him before their office closed that day, and they wouldn't open up to let him retrieve it. So another day's delay later, and a second night in a hotel for him, and further email correspondence between he, Radar, and myself, and he arrived on Sunday the 30th, two days past his original arrival date, exhausted. I was not much better off with my cold, and so we didn't waste much time getting our stuff together and heading to Dalhart. He was dozing the whole way, and when we got to my house, I was barely able to show him the room he was to stay in and he was asleep. I unloaded the rest of the stuff from my Jeep and went to get some sleep myself, but I only managed to get an hour. Trouble breathing through my nose was vexing. CW and I didn't do much that night, ate canned chicken noodle soup, and watched some Nick At Night. I finally persuaded him to let me get some rest, he was playing with Murky(my cat), and I took some Zicam before going right to sleep. It was 11:30. I did not get up until after noon. I think he's still asleep, but then I don't know when he went to bed.

I had XP defragmenting last night, and come 6AM when I woke to find it done with drive C, I rebooted. It made me re-activate Windows due to 'significant hardware changes since original activation'. Therefore, defragmenting your hard drive is considered a significant hardware change. :P I managed to get XP happy again and left the computer to try and sleep. Sleep didn't work so well for an hour and a half after that, but when it finally came, I wasn't going to knock it.

I finally got up not long ago, and CW seems to still be asleep. So I will try to do a few things on the computer that I need to and wait for him to awaken.

And here we'd planned to go to Colorado, but the reservations to the hotel are canceled, and unless my health improves and we manage to get everything prepared to go, and I get the reservations I called about yesterday, we're not going to be anywhere. So we'll see what happens.

I'm not sure how much I'll be around during the tyger's visit. I miss you all, but I will do my best not to be completely absent. Take care everyone, and Happy New Year. Also, thank you to all who sent me Christmas cards.
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