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The Good, The Bad, And The Snowy

I got over my cold well enough so that we could head to Colorado on Thursday, and despite getting a late start we made it by night. The Tyger got distracted at Walmart in Trinidad. :P We came to the conclusion that Chinese food in Colorado Springs leaves much to be desired. We visited the zoo the next day, which was a lot of fun, and I have a couple pics on my cell phone, since I forgot my real digital camera(blast it all!). I'll have to post those in a later entry. Due to my persistence, and cwtyger's PSP along with the hotel's wireless internet we were able to get the telephone number for the Big Cats of Serenity Springs sanctuary outside of Colorado Springs and then the next morning after a phonecall an appointment to join the tour on Saturday. It's not easy to get one at the last minute like that, so we were fortunate. After the Google Maps directions misled us again, having done so on the way to the zoo the day before, US 24 not being like any highway I've ever seen and the system of street design in and around the city being crazy compared to what I'm used to, we made it out there. It's east of Colorado Springs. We were early and went in the wrong entrance, the employees only sign being gone. I imagine it was the wind. That day was very windy. Many of the cats weren't too happy about that wind. The tour was awesome. I've got more cell phone pictures from there. We'll see if any of them turned out. My phone is currently charging across the room. Oh, and thanks to CW and his notebook they thought we were from Peta and going to cause them trouble. I assured them that we were not. That being said, CW had the notebook because he was writing notes related to the movie we'd seen the day before after going to the zoo. There was a movie theater across the street from the hotel. We saw "Alvin and the Chipmunks", and the tiger actually liked it! A movie I wanted to see or recommended that he liked. It's been a while since that has happened. Silly tiger. The next day, after visiting the big cat sanctuary, we went to see "I Am Legend". That movie left us both feeling unsettled and none too happy. It's not that it's a bad movie, and I'll provide no spoilers, it's just that it can grip a part of you that isn't quite comfortable and leave you in a state of not too happiness. That's a correct phrase now because I say it is! Heh.

After going back to the hotel and CW checking stuff with his PSP for a while, I decided to go get a salad at the Chili's nearby, not feeling like eating much else as my stomach was unsettled, and he wanted to check when "Alvin and the Chipmunks" was playing again next. I made a wrong turn and was right next to the theater so I pulled in and let him run up to the front and find out. He came back, opened the door, and said he was going to see the movie again. Blinking, I left to go back to the hotel and eat my salad. I later took a soak in the hot tub, and the tiger returned feeling much better for having seen the movie. It lifted his spirits. I'd have gone, but I was thrown for such a loop when he just up and said he was going that I drove back to the hotel still oO;; Yay for weird moments. We saw the rest of an episode of Deal or No Deal, a special episode actually, after I returned from the jacuzzi. That was a nice soak, but there was so much chlorine. A shower was required afterward.

The next day we were to return home, to my home at least, but through the scenic route known as the Highway of Legends. It hadn't been supposed to snow, but we woke to several inches outside, though it was already fast on its to melting. Our journey down I-25 went well after check-out, though we seemed to have more to load to take back than we came with(it's funny how that happens on trips), and then came Highway 12 after leaving Walsenburg and heading toward Lavita. We stopped at the gift shop in Cuchara, a little mountain village that's pretty neat, and looked around for a while. CW made the owner's day by purchasing a few items. When we inquired as to good food establishments there, he said all were closed as the town was so dead as far as tourism was concerned during the winter. So we had to wait until a later small town or Trinidad, the latter of which was our final decision as the day wore on. He also informed us that the road was in good shape and that the plow had just been by recently. We'd met it coming the opposite direction as we came up, so we figured it'd be fine. It wasn't bad, but neither was it what either of us would call 'in good condition'. I kept worrying that there would be a patch of ice or something that'd throw us, but there were none. I felt a bit of slipperiness, but it was rare, and no real scary moments occurred. The road up to Blue and Bear Lakes was still open, but it might've been a bit of a stretch to try and journey there. cwtyger didn't seem too enthused about it, and asked why I'd turned in there. I said that I wanted to show this to him, but as we already had gotten stuck in 2wd, and then 4wd High had the wheels spinning going forward, I was thinking it wasn't the best of ideas. Reverse saved us, and we backed out and went on down the actual highway.

There was the Cuchara Pass which I wanted to show him, and I'd not thought I'd passed both exits onto the roads that went to it, but it would appear I had. We found a place to turn around and went back. We thought we'd found the trail and went off on it, 4High being required right off, and then we found a hill not too far along... Okay, so sliding backward is not a good thing. Yay for brakes and snow instead of ice. Bah to snowmeows who don't know how to get 4Low to engage. Well, here's the deal. I was nervous in the situation and thought I'd engaged it, but the engine kept revving and getting us nowhere. Eventually, I was just going to back us down the trail, but I looked down and saw that 4Low hadn't engaged. Engaged, we were off. Up the hill and through the mountains and to a split in the road with signs that seemed strange, but I still thought I knew where I was going. We turned what we thought was the right way, plowing through more than a couple feet of snow and having me wondering if we would indeed end up stuck, and went on. Then with the plowed snow from previous snows on either side of us and high winds blowing them across the road so I could barely see, with CW calling out "Windshield wipers!", we made our way to...the Cuchara Ranch, and not the pass. I got us turned around in that snow, which didn't seem too recently disturbed, but someone was plowing the way up to their land as there was only the last night's snowfall really covering things other than the packed down stuff on the actual dirt, which was probably what made things slick. That was a good thing. We headed back, having been able to turn around, and eventually found Highway 12 once more. Of course, well, I'll leave this little tid-bit of story for CW to tell as I know he wants to. I'll just say we didn't go straight along until reaching Trinidad. That, and I was exhausted.

Once there, we looked for a place to eat but could find nothing that suited us. Oh, this was after my getting turned around trying to find my way back to the interstate. Once we managed that much, we had no great luck in finding a restaurant we could both agree on. So finally we went into the La Quinta Inn, which is a nice place, and CW asked if they knew of any good places to get pizza in town. The lady behind the counter told us of a place and gave us a tiny menu/add for it as well as directions. I bet they thought we were strange as there was a restaurant in the hotel, and I would have been happy staying there, but I know the tiger was intent on having pizza, and a lot of these foods places have he isn't keen on trying. We know he's a picky cat when it comes to what he eats. We did find the pizza place, called What A Pizza, and had a very good pizza. A 14" supreme with your choice of 5 toppings was $14.99. I could go back there again. It's too bad it's not local. At least I know where to stop next time.

I drove us the rest of the way back after we ate, and just after 11PM Central Standard Time we arrived at my house. Today work resumed, and I've been feeling overly tired throughout the day. So I'm hoping I can get to bed early tonight.

That's the end of my update for now. I don't know how much you can expect to see me around online. I'm hoping for a little more soon though. Take care all. *The tired snowmeow pads off.*
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