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Upon Snowy Paws

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Tuesday, September 19th, 2017
8:07 pm - Remembering this day years passed
I posted this elsewhere, and it was suggested I cross post here. I try to keep my public and private lives, especially this side, separate. Well, with as few people who still read here, hopefully that will maintain.

This should be dated Monday, btw. It's meant as of that date, relatively.

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Monday, February 24th, 2014
5:52 am - South Fork, Colorado - Memorial Day 2013
This has been a long time in the making, but it's finally done. After sifting through quite a few pictures, working those I wanted to use, and pulling everything together into a coherent story - with references, I have posted my latest entry to my MountainChronicles blog. I wish that Carolyn could have seen it. I meant to do this so long ago, but life...has gotten the better of me. I intend to overcome and will post more chronicles as I'm able. Enjoy everyone.


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Saturday, February 8th, 2014
12:51 am - Such is the state of America
As some of you may know, I recently purchased a smartphone. Yes, I finally joined the 21st century. I chose the Moto X for various reasons, primarily involving the innovation in its design and the fact that it was at least in part produced in the USA.

With that said, I'm highly disappointed in Google. They acquired Motorola with great promises of innovation and retaking the US market with a locally made product. Then in two year's time, when the Moto X didn't outsell Apple and Samsung, they cut the company free. This is only after stripping it of all its hard-earned patents, 17,000 in number. Now what's left of the company, Motorola Mobility, is being handed off to Lenovo for $2.9 billion. That's a far cry from the $12.5 billion Google bought the company for. Of course, it's slowly split it apart and sold the various pieces in that time. In 2012 Google sold Motorola Home, the segment of the company that had to do with set-top boxes and cable modems. I find it a cruel irony that after how much they touted the "Made in America" slogan to ramp up sales, they now are turning the cell phone maker over to a Chinese tech giant. IBM, another once-American brand, already sold its laptop division to Lenovo, and they're now selling their server business. It seems that the more Americans clamor about how they want things "made in the USA," the more companies are sold to overseas megaliths. Soon after my purchase, I grew tired of hearing people complain that the Moto X wasn't the latest in tech (ignoring the unique architecture that had no comparison in other devices) or worth the initially hefty price-tag that compared to the latest high-end offerings from its competitors. However, Google invested a lot into R&D in developing the technology and software that went into the device. Yet they themselves didn't give it time to find its place in the market. Of course, a newly remade company isn't going to turn around and suddenly be amazingly successful right out of the door. You have to be patient. The Moto X and lower cost Moto G were gaining ground. It just wasn't fast enough for the bean counters up the ladder. So now, can we look forward to the end of the exemplary support the Moto X had been experiencing, what with quick upgrades to the latest version of Android and phone-related app updates directly through Google Play? Whether it be sub-par sales of the new models or pressure from other manufacturers to get out of the hardware business, in competing with them in the handset market, lest they look for options other than Android for their own devices, the latest new hope for a truly innovative, made-in-America phone line has died before it even had a chance. Perhaps Google will implement the technologies it developed in tandem with Motorola, along with the patents skimmed from the company, in their new Nexus devices. I suppose we as consumers can only wait and see. I for one am highly disappointed in Google and have lost just a bit more faith in our nation's mega corps' capability to actually produce anything locally, care about the people involved in their acquisitions, or let alone live up to their promises.

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Thursday, September 15th, 2011
8:52 pm - Keep The Streets Empty For Me
I feel as if this song fits my current mood, state...
memory comes when memory's old
i am never the first to know
following this stream up north
where do people like us float?

there is room in my lap
for bruises, asses, handclaps
i will never disappear
for forever, i'll be here

morning keep the streets empty for me
morning keep the streets empty for me

i learned to not eat the snow
my fur is hot, my tongue is cold
on a bed of spider web
i think about to change myself

a lot of hope in one man tent
there's no room for innocence
so take me home before the storm
velvet mites will keep us warm

morning keep the streets empty for me
morning keep the streets empty for me

morning keep the streets empty for me
morning keep the streets empty for me

uncover our heads and reveal our souls
we were hungry before we were born
uncover our heads and reveal our souls
we were hungry before we were born
uncover our heads and reveal our souls
we were hungry before we were born
uncover our heads and reveal our souls
we were hungry before we were born

Searching for information on the song I found;
Karin stated in an interview that she is singing as an animal.

"It’s supposed to be a deer singing."

I find that intriguing and somehow beautiful.

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Monday, December 20th, 2010
10:06 pm - Video editing woes
After being forced to purchase a new computer, and Windows 7 being about the only real option out there, if you need to be able to do much (unless you're up for a Mac, which at this point might have been equally as easy to transition to), I've had some major roadblocks come up in my video editing endeavors.

Previously, I had Panasonic's video capture and basic editing software to capture video from my DV camcorder. It was only really useful in capturing the video, and being as I assumed it best knew how to retain the original content without changing anything, just transferring the data to my computer, I used it purely for capture. Yes, I know that DV is outdated now. That doesn't mean everyone can purchase the latest and greatest every two years when new stuff comes out. In 2006 when I got this camcorder, it was made of awesome! I can't afford a new one, though I'd love Panasonic's HD camcorder that captures in 1080p at 60fps. Though many complain because it requires a quad core PC of uber power to edit. Ah well, I've got one of those now, thanks to the death of my previous computer. So I'd be all set. Then again, I can't buy one so it's a moot point.

Windows 7 didn't like Panasonic's DV capture software, which required some research and downloading a patched version of the software. Then I need to edit what I capture, and I do all of that in the raw avi format. I hate how much quality is lost in MPEG2, also. I wish I could've gotten a Blu-ray burner with this computer, but it cost more than I wanted to add to the price. I'm still paying it off as it is. At least that way I could just convert to whatever format Blu-ray video is in and not have to downcompress and lose quality.

All right, the point is that Pinaccle's suite, which I'd been using for years, won't install on Win 7. It says "There are known compatibility issues with this software and this version of Windows." So it won't let me install it.

Does anyone know of any type of free software out there that will let me do any level of real editing, without needing a Bachelor's in videography that is, and then output in formats that will work on DVD's? I mean, most free stuff I can find won't convert to MPEG2. It's vexing that you have to pay on top of paying on top of paying just to use a codec to encode your video so you can view it on your DVD player that you've already paid for!

It's interesting to note that from AVA Direct, custom built, my computer still only came with a trail version of Nero Essentials. It won't let me do DVD burning but for a 30 day trial period. I guess unless you get a PC in a box, using the term such as home theater in a box as we all know how 'wonderful' those are, you can't get much bundled software. That's okay, but I do want some, like with my retail version DVD burner! It's nice that the hardware companies can't even bother with including full editions of the software like they used to. If I had gotten the OEM version of the disc drive, then I wouldn't even have this. It really doesn't matter. The software is very limited and won't allow me to do what I need to.

Windows supposedly comes with Windows Movie Maker, but I don't have it on here, and I highly doubt it comes with an MPEG2 compression codec. Probably just WMP and the like. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I might just have to start saving up for the latest version of Pinaccle Studio. That stuff is pretty cool.

I will say that Windows 7 comes with a simple DVD maker that's pretty nifty if you just want to point and click your way through the process and have a fairly nice DVD as the outcome. It'll separate chapters into animated menu categories and stuff. Pinaccle Studio, whatever version I had, was from 2005, and that's just archaic in comparison. DVD menu making in that stuff sucked.

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Monday, November 1st, 2010
8:50 pm - The Tyger Chronicles, October 2010
I've long kept you waiting, and I know how everyone has been anticipating this LJ post. So here you go, Expedition Colorado - CW EditionCollapse )

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Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
6:03 pm - Off to Colorado to meet a tyger
CW is going to show up on a bus in the AM hours. I'm to drive to Colo Springs and meet him at the bus stop. So it's going to be a long night for me. Driving after working all day. Bleh.

But it should be good, once we both get some sleep. I'll be back around Sunday night, perhaps. Take care all.

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Sunday, October 10th, 2010
8:00 pm - The Wolf That Changed America
This is something I wanted to share. I saw the tail end of it tonight on PBS.
The Wolf That Changed America

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Friday, September 10th, 2010
10:03 pm - Colorado outing
I'm heading to Colorado for the weekend, set to leave at 6am. Though I should already be sleeping. This week has been insane. I'm so worn out, but this has been planned. I'm taking someone who recently went through open heart surgery, who's the only grandpa I've ever known, even if we're not actually related. So I don't want to put it off, and reservations are made at a motel. So I'm set to go. I just need to get some rest.

If anyone is wondering where I am this weekend, that'd be where. I'll have my cell, but I have no idea about reception. Take care all. I should back Sunday night, but I don't know how late, nor am I sure I'll be online.

The new computer ordeal has been a long, terrible process. I hope I come through it with sanity maintained. I'm considering giving in and sending my HD's to a data recovery company to see if they have means of getting anything. They know what their doing, and I don't. The chance I could find identical logic boards for both drives is pretty much nil. Perhaps that's what they'll do. I don't know how they work. Anyhow, for now, I'm in the process of recovering what I can. I suppose I might be lucky and get about 55-60%. That's pretty optimistic though. It's going to take a lot of scrounging for various CD's and DVD's I've burned over the years, and a lot will be redundant, thus not overly helpful, but at least it's not all gone.

I still can't believe it. It's like I lost a piece of myself. Why does data matter so much? Is it because I'm OCD?

Off to shower and then sleep. Colorado tomorrow. Lots of driving. Pray I don't fall asleep. I've gotten around 4-5 hours of sleep per night all week. That's not enough when you're still fighting a cold. It's nearly gone...nearly. *Sniffle.*

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Monday, September 6th, 2010
9:13 pm - Complacency
I've had a cold or somesuch for near a week now. I'm tired of it. I've had several colds and two sinus infections(bacterial requiring antibiotics) this year, since January. I had a three day weekend, which I'd hoped to use well, but being under the weather found rather wasted. I've been in a rather depressive state.

Part of this is due to my computer, which I bought in October of 2005, going up in smoke about a month ago now. The power supply fried, and took the motherboard with it. I had hope that the hard drives survived, and by what everyone told me, they usually do. So I ordered a new computer from AVA direct, and it's taken a while to get her. The three day weekend means it won't arrive until tomorrow, or Tuesday the 7th. Today I willed myself to be constructive and pulled the hard drives from the dead computer. I purchased an external SATA drive enclosure to hold the C drive so I could get data off of it. I was figuring I'd just put the F drive into the computer itself. I just feared OS conflicts, XP and Windows 7. Though everyone kept telling me SATA would not allow the old OS drive to have priority.

Anyway, as I cleaned the dust off the drives to prepare for tomorrow, I discovered something. The circuit boards you see when you turn a hard drive upside down were fried. There are scorch marks. My only hope for recovery would be a data recovery company, which is going too far. I haven't the money. Besides, these are my personal files and so forth. I'm a very personal, private person. I don't like people to see my stuff. My computer is like an archive of my life, a broad-spectrum journal.

So I've lost everything from the past 5 years. I'm on my previous computer, which holds most of my data from all those years back. Though so much has happened in the past 5 years that I can't get back now. All the videos I've captured from my DV camcorder. All the pictures from family and vacations for 5 years. I know I should've backed up.

I wish I'd have backed up. I became complacent. I should have used an external hard drive or something. But now it's gone, all gone. My Forefox tabs, my bookmarks, my Outlook emails. So many years' worth. I can't even face it right now.

And I'm still sick, though slowly feeling better. I go back to work tomorrow. There's a lot of stress right now, even if none of this was happening.

I know complacency isn't healthy, but I wish I didn't have to pay such a high price. It's like having your house burn down. You can never get what you lost back. It's just gone... I'm beyond upset. I can't even really think about it. It doesn't fully register...

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Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
3:43 pm - Re: Life Is A Lemon (And I Want My Money Back)
My mother returned to town several weeks ago. I'm living with her again. I'm losing it. I'm trying to get out. I have to spend my spare time trying to get a place to move. The first place did not work out due to a landlady who was crass and broke the lease when I found the tile in the bathtub surround was falling off with black mold behind it. The current place is uber small and needs a lot of work. I'm spending my spare time trying to fix it up so I can move. I've been sick for a week, after being healthy for a week, after having a cold that lasted a week prior to that. I'm currently on antibiotics trying to get over the sinus infection that resulted from the latest cold. It's been miserable. I have yet to miss a day of work. As if I'm allowed...

My step-dad, evil incarnate, has followed my mother back and is currently staying with us...

My only time to go camping for months, in 9 months, is Memorial Day weekend. I don't see how it's going to be possible this year with everything that's going on.

I'd planned on scoping out a job in Colorado or Washington, whichever state I could find one, and moving this summer. In a rush, as I discovered my mother was returning, I scrambled to find something. Nothing turned up. Everything was negative. I've been looking for over a year and a half already...

I currently make just barely enough to pay the bills and survive at the place I'm moving, if I ever get there. Everyone who tells me they're going to help always has something come up. So far I've done everything by myself. My sister did help me find the place. Go sister...

It's the ghetto with weeds that close in the door of my Jeep when I close it and a rusting heap of a car in the front yard...

I just discovered that I was being considered for the position of Editor at my newspaper in order to free up the Manager from having those duties, but since our primary reporter was going to move to Dallas to find something that paid better, I was passed over, she got the job and a high increase in pay, and I'm being moved from my office alcove out into the main lobby area of our office. I also won't be able to put up my pictures on the wall because it's brick. I guess I'll be taking them home. They even wanted me to switch computers. I actually upkeep my computer and do a lot to tweak it to work well and not have junk on it that slows it down/makes it unstable. No one else at work has a clue about this stuff.

That brings me to...the owner now wants me to maintain all the office computers as well as continue my duties as layout manager and website manager. No mention of a raise was made nor eluded to.

Did I mention that I am moving to a place in the same town and not leaving this God forsaken place?

All dreams are void. Life is a lemon, and happiness is imagined. I believe in nothing these days. I just survive. Hope is futile.

I return you to your regularly scheduled LJ reading. Not that but 2 will likely read this. LJ land has faded for most everybody. Life tears all the good things away.

Addendum: This is the second time I've ever posted an entry from the office. I take my job seriously.

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Friday, May 21st, 2010
5:13 pm - Life Is A Lemon (And I Want My Money Back)
I want my money back! I want my money back!Collapse )

This is the reality...

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Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
10:33 pm - The chaos of this life, vis a vis, August begins
I'm currently experiencing quite a few of near-crisis level situations. Thus I'm trying to figure things out, sort them out, and find a means of getting out of here. Remaining will probably mean being here forever, if not my complete ruination. I'm not sure how much time is left before my mother loses everything. She's relying more and more on me to pay things, and it's not possible. I don't make that kind of money. I do live in her house, but she's used my credit so far as to get me in unimaginable debt. I'm trying to pay that, but it's crushing. If she ends up moving back up here, I don't know what I'll do. But I don't know if that'll happen. If she doesn't, she's in dire straights as it is, and she might be worse off than she imagines. I can't trust that the house won't be foreclosed on in the next couple months or so. I'm really not trusting anymore. She let my car insurance lapse without telling me. We were all on the same policy. I'm currently weighed down by both my own expenses and what she's done to me, as well as her outlying expenses of taking care of things here. I just don't make enough.

I would like to move, and before I lose all my savings to just struggling here. They'll dwindle away at this rate, and then I'll be nowhere. I can't even afford to move out in this town, but I need to find someplace elsewhere. I need to find a job that pays well enough, $1600 or more a month, so I can maintain all the bills thanks to my mother and live at least with food. Yeah. I'm asking to have food. Very excessive living conditions. Unfortunately, that in of itself is extremely expensive these days.

I'd like to find a job and a place to live in the next month or two. I need to before I haven't an option. I'd not last on savings here locally, and the job market sucks. Perhaps I can find someplace in Colorado or Washington state. I'd like to live in the Evergreen area if possible, or Colorado Springs in Colorado. My Washington pick would be Spokane.

If anyone on my LJ friends list can help me with this, offering suggestions of places to live in the areas mentioned and/or jobs, I'd appreciate it. I am currently working at the local newspaper, and if I can handle that, I imagine I could handle it somewhere else. I'm doing the layout, as well as a myriad of other things. I suppose I could write if I had to. I've just not done journalism before. I truly do need to find something somewhere and get out of here. I can't give the full details, but things are degrading rapidly. I don't have people here I can go live with. Not really. I can't afford on my current wages to survive on my own here. Yet if the house is gone, I will have to. Then my savings will vanish rather quickly. I'll need to increase my income quickly to compensate. Hopefully a similar job elsewhere would offer better pay. I would be wiling to do other things as well. As long as it pays well and I can qualify.

I appreciate any help anyone can give me. I go to eat a TV dinner now. 4 for a $5 here at the store. I don't eat expensive, no. Man, can things slide downhill fast. I just have to figure things out before I'm at the bottom.

Thanks everyone...

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Friday, July 25th, 2008
7:52 pm - So I went to Colorado for the Fourth
Here within lies the tale of my journey and the insanity that it consisted of.Collapse )

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Thursday, May 22nd, 2008
11:56 pm - Scenic routes in Colorado
I'm just posting a quick entry to let people know I'll be away for the weekend. The first vacation, of a sort, I'll have had since starting this new job. I feel I need to get away from things. Whether or not I can afford it, I just need it. I've got most stuff prepared and hope to get off work early enough tomorrow to leave during daylight in the afternoon. He's a brief summary of my travel itinerary;

-Leaving on Friday afternoon, hopefully getting off work early enough, drive up through Trinidad, stopping at Walmart to get supplies, and then on to Bear Lake on the Highway of Legends, finding a campground.

-Then the next day, leaving there in the morning, going to Colorado Springs, taking a back way up on 165, I think it is, to Lake Isabel and then on and around and through mountain roads until I come around to Eco Lake and camp for the night.

-Get up Sunday, heading into Denver, going to the zoo and then http://www.rockymountainfurcon.org/2008/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=12&Itemid=78
I really hope that's possible.

-Then go back to those or some other campgrounds outside of Denver in the mountains.
Monday, meet with a friend in Aurora if possible. He's going to be gone for the weekend for his sister's wedding, I think it was.

-But he should be back Monday. I'm trying to work that out with him. Then head on home, straight away, maybe having time to take some side-routes again, if time permits.

- Likely I'll need hurry as Denver is 6 hours from home. If I have time to stop in Colorado Springs, I'll see a movie. None of the movies I want to see have come to town here.

That's about it. I probably left some stuff out. I just haven't time to type or think about it all. I need to get some sleep. I hope everyone has a good weekend. *Slinks off tiredly to bed.*

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Monday, April 28th, 2008
8:36 pm - First day blues
It's been an experience. 7AM-5:20PM with a staff meeting at lunch. I feel it's all very overwhelming. I don't know how I'll ever learn it all. InDesign isn't easy for someone just introduced to it, and there's a way they do everything at the paper. From the initial decisions on how many pages it'll be to laying it all out and figuring out which ads will go on which pages and where, how you'll fit in the stories, setting headings, fonts, letting, borders, images, resizing to fit in fields, column width, etc. And I'll have to learn to bundle and label the packs of papers, taking them to the post office. I helped(help being a subjective word considering I was pretty daft) with some of that today. I suppose .01% might be accurate. I did try though. ;)

My brain is just overloaded. I've a headache that's lasted since yesterday, and it's just worse tonight. I've taken stuff for it, but it's not going away. Dinner is a TV dinner, and I'll be in bed soon. I doubt I'll be on AIM for long. I hope everyone is doing well and apologize for not keeping up with your journals.

I have work still to do for my previous boss this Saturday. He wants me to finish painting cabinets in the kitchen of the house he's flipping this Saturday. I'll also have to work some Sundays, as the paper's staff rotates for that job in order to get the last minute changes made before sending the final copy to the printers before it comes out on Monday. I imagine I'm going to be very busy. Today was a lot, and I just hope I can get the hang of things before I freak out. Yes, I'm a bit stressed by all this.

Off to get dinner. Thanks for all the comments to the previous entry. I'm not sure what kind of design layout they use. Pretty much just basic stuff, I suppose, as it's a small paper. But being responsible for how everything goes together isn't going to be easy. *Finally goes to fetch the TV dinner.*

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Thursday, February 21st, 2008
1:31 pm - What next in the world?
I'm beginning to think that religion is the root of hatred, arrogance, war, death, and strife in our world. Serbians are uprising over the secession of Kosovo. They are upset because it's their spiritual heartland. Hadn't they been told those Serbians living there could continue living there with no restrictions? This isn't supposed to be another Israel/Palestine situation, but let's just watch and see. Their 'peaceful' protest has become exceptionally violent. I wonder now what Bush will do. He has our military spread so thin already, fighting an idiotic war in Iraq that's done nothing to help our cause, which was supposedly to get rid of Al Queda. I can imagine he'll send troops to Kosovo now as they attacked our embassy. That's attacking US soil, so we'll see.

This is not profiting anyone. It's absurd to riot over what was a peaceful secession so far. Kosovo has been all but removed from Serbia for years now. I don't see why the Albanians shouldn't be allowed to do this. I suppose the Russians and Chinese have their reasons for supporting Serbia. They likely enjoy the sight of the riot.

I do hope things calm down. Serbia needs to just let it go. The population is primarily Albanian. They aren't ousting all of the Serbians living there. They don't seem to be persecuting them. On the contrary, it seems the persecutors are Serbian. But this is a select few. It's always the fanatics that cause issues.

As I said, let's see what happens.

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Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
8:35 pm - On the Primaries - I voted
Actually, I voted early. Today was the first day of early voting here in Texas, and I voted at the courthouse. I voted for Obama. I do hope he makes it to be president. I don't trust Hillary. She hides things in her policies, leaving things unspoken, and her staff can't answer questions regarding these things. I won't go into all of that now. I'm sure everyone has their opinions, and I'm not asking for them here. So please, if you have one, keep it to yourself, or at least your LJ or blog or whatever you use to post about stuff. I think Obama will make a better president, and that's that. I hope everyone will go out to the polls and vote this year. The primaries are usually overlooked. It's a sad fact of America. People complain about the entire political situation but how many actually do anything about it? I think it's good to vote, and I see no reason not to. It may be like playing the lottery, but at least you get to have a feeling you have control of something in life. And hey, 8 years ago I was a Republican. I voted for Bush his first term. We live, we learn. I don't particularly dislike McCain. He seems to be a good man with strong ideals. I just don't agree with him on everything. I don't agree with Obama either. I do agree with Obama more. There. I vote for the person I think is best. I don't vote based on parties. That's fanaticism. Voting based not on ideals but on who's on who's team seems too American though. Voting for a person based on their merits alone is the best way to go about it. True, you never truly know a person based on what you read or what the media tells you, but at least you can try. With that being said,

There's a whole lot more going on in my life, and I haven't kept up on it here. I don't know that I'll really go into things. I'm usually fairly private and compartmentalize my life. I suppose I'm trying not to think about things right now and just paying attention to what can distract me for the moment. Otherwise, this entry might be more substantial than a simple notification that I voted. Whoo, yay for me. At least I feel I did something worthwhile this month. It's better than nothing.

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Sunday, February 10th, 2008
2:26 am - It's The Fear
My new theme song...it would seem.

It Waits for the day, I will let it out
To Give it a reason, to give it its might

I fear who I am becoming,
I feel that I am losing the struggle within
I can no longer restrain it,
My strength, it is fading
I have to give in

It's the fear,
The fear of the dark
Its growing inside of me
They won, they will come to life
Have to save,
Save my beloved,
There is no escape
Because my fate is horror and doom

Hold down your head now,
Just let me pass by
Don't feed my fear,
If you don't want it out

I fear who I am becoming,
I feel that I'm losing all beauty within
I can no longer restrain it,
My strength, it is fading
I have to give in

It's the fear,
The fear of the dark
Its growing inside of me
They won, they will come to life
Have to save,
Save my beloved,
There is no escape
Because my fate is horror and doom

Long ago, it came to me
and ever since that day,
Infected with it's rage
But it ends today

It's the fear,
The fear of the dark
Its growing inside of me
They won, they will come to life
Have to save,
Save my beloved,
There is no escape
Because my fate is horror and doom

Within Temptation - It's The Fear

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Monday, January 7th, 2008
7:27 pm - The Good, The Bad, And The Snowy
Details can be found here-in.Collapse )

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