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On the Primaries - I voted

Actually, I voted early. Today was the first day of early voting here in Texas, and I voted at the courthouse. I voted for Obama. I do hope he makes it to be president. I don't trust Hillary. She hides things in her policies, leaving things unspoken, and her staff can't answer questions regarding these things. I won't go into all of that now. I'm sure everyone has their opinions, and I'm not asking for them here. So please, if you have one, keep it to yourself, or at least your LJ or blog or whatever you use to post about stuff. I think Obama will make a better president, and that's that. I hope everyone will go out to the polls and vote this year. The primaries are usually overlooked. It's a sad fact of America. People complain about the entire political situation but how many actually do anything about it? I think it's good to vote, and I see no reason not to. It may be like playing the lottery, but at least you get to have a feeling you have control of something in life. And hey, 8 years ago I was a Republican. I voted for Bush his first term. We live, we learn. I don't particularly dislike McCain. He seems to be a good man with strong ideals. I just don't agree with him on everything. I don't agree with Obama either. I do agree with Obama more. There. I vote for the person I think is best. I don't vote based on parties. That's fanaticism. Voting based not on ideals but on who's on who's team seems too American though. Voting for a person based on their merits alone is the best way to go about it. True, you never truly know a person based on what you read or what the media tells you, but at least you can try. With that being said,

There's a whole lot more going on in my life, and I haven't kept up on it here. I don't know that I'll really go into things. I'm usually fairly private and compartmentalize my life. I suppose I'm trying not to think about things right now and just paying attention to what can distract me for the moment. Otherwise, this entry might be more substantial than a simple notification that I voted. Whoo, yay for me. At least I feel I did something worthwhile this month. It's better than nothing.
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