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Scenic routes in Colorado

I'm just posting a quick entry to let people know I'll be away for the weekend. The first vacation, of a sort, I'll have had since starting this new job. I feel I need to get away from things. Whether or not I can afford it, I just need it. I've got most stuff prepared and hope to get off work early enough tomorrow to leave during daylight in the afternoon. He's a brief summary of my travel itinerary;

-Leaving on Friday afternoon, hopefully getting off work early enough, drive up through Trinidad, stopping at Walmart to get supplies, and then on to Bear Lake on the Highway of Legends, finding a campground.

-Then the next day, leaving there in the morning, going to Colorado Springs, taking a back way up on 165, I think it is, to Lake Isabel and then on and around and through mountain roads until I come around to Eco Lake and camp for the night.

-Get up Sunday, heading into Denver, going to the zoo and then
I really hope that's possible.

-Then go back to those or some other campgrounds outside of Denver in the mountains.
Monday, meet with a friend in Aurora if possible. He's going to be gone for the weekend for his sister's wedding, I think it was.

-But he should be back Monday. I'm trying to work that out with him. Then head on home, straight away, maybe having time to take some side-routes again, if time permits.

- Likely I'll need hurry as Denver is 6 hours from home. If I have time to stop in Colorado Springs, I'll see a movie. None of the movies I want to see have come to town here.

That's about it. I probably left some stuff out. I just haven't time to type or think about it all. I need to get some sleep. I hope everyone has a good weekend. *Slinks off tiredly to bed.*
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