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Re: Life Is A Lemon (And I Want My Money Back)

My mother returned to town several weeks ago. I'm living with her again. I'm losing it. I'm trying to get out. I have to spend my spare time trying to get a place to move. The first place did not work out due to a landlady who was crass and broke the lease when I found the tile in the bathtub surround was falling off with black mold behind it. The current place is uber small and needs a lot of work. I'm spending my spare time trying to fix it up so I can move. I've been sick for a week, after being healthy for a week, after having a cold that lasted a week prior to that. I'm currently on antibiotics trying to get over the sinus infection that resulted from the latest cold. It's been miserable. I have yet to miss a day of work. As if I'm allowed...

My step-dad, evil incarnate, has followed my mother back and is currently staying with us...

My only time to go camping for months, in 9 months, is Memorial Day weekend. I don't see how it's going to be possible this year with everything that's going on.

I'd planned on scoping out a job in Colorado or Washington, whichever state I could find one, and moving this summer. In a rush, as I discovered my mother was returning, I scrambled to find something. Nothing turned up. Everything was negative. I've been looking for over a year and a half already...

I currently make just barely enough to pay the bills and survive at the place I'm moving, if I ever get there. Everyone who tells me they're going to help always has something come up. So far I've done everything by myself. My sister did help me find the place. Go sister...

It's the ghetto with weeds that close in the door of my Jeep when I close it and a rusting heap of a car in the front yard...

I just discovered that I was being considered for the position of Editor at my newspaper in order to free up the Manager from having those duties, but since our primary reporter was going to move to Dallas to find something that paid better, I was passed over, she got the job and a high increase in pay, and I'm being moved from my office alcove out into the main lobby area of our office. I also won't be able to put up my pictures on the wall because it's brick. I guess I'll be taking them home. They even wanted me to switch computers. I actually upkeep my computer and do a lot to tweak it to work well and not have junk on it that slows it down/makes it unstable. No one else at work has a clue about this stuff.

That brings me to...the owner now wants me to maintain all the office computers as well as continue my duties as layout manager and website manager. No mention of a raise was made nor eluded to.

Did I mention that I am moving to a place in the same town and not leaving this God forsaken place?

All dreams are void. Life is a lemon, and happiness is imagined. I believe in nothing these days. I just survive. Hope is futile.

I return you to your regularly scheduled LJ reading. Not that but 2 will likely read this. LJ land has faded for most everybody. Life tears all the good things away.

Addendum: This is the second time I've ever posted an entry from the office. I take my job seriously.
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