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Upon Snowy Paws

Snow is soft

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Pardo Nightwalker
I am Nightwalker, Pardo Nightwalker, but you can call me Pardo. I'm nocturnal by nature and tend to sleep a lot, however, these are just attributes of a cat. My insanity level can get quite high at times, but that's why people like me, right? Uh, where are you going? Come back here! *P-O-U-N-C-E* Hehe, that's the second thing I'm most well known for. Pouncing! The first would be my dealing of catnip. Of course, I don't just sell catnip. I've diversified. My list of products also includes wolfnip, dognip, foxnip, and huskynip. I hope to soon add birdnip, eaglenip, roonip, bunnynip, dolphinnip, gryphonnip, dragonnip, and I ever do so hope for unicornnip to my inventory. Maybe then we can find ourselves a unicorn, Sara! *pyrr* If there are any other phenotypes out there that are interested in having a nip product specialized for them, just let me know. I'm always open to suggestions. Oh, now I must go. Dunder, the toast dealer, must be destroyed. He cuts into my business, don't ya know?

Favorite Color: Blue. Green is my second favorite color. I like the darker shades of both best.

Favorite Food: It depends on what I'm craving at the time. Whatever food I most want at any given time is my favorite food at that time. Pizza and pastas are good. So is fried chicken, mashed potatoes, country gravy, and creamed corn.

Favorite Movie: "The Lion King"

Favorite Song: "We Are One"

Favorite TV Show: "Babylon 5"

Hobbies: Surfing the net, rping, chatting, watching tv, watching movies, building web pages, reading, writing, drawing, swimming, bike riding, building things(gadgets and such, but they rarely work. They're cool though ;), researching about things I want(electronics and computer related most of the time), and studying things that interest me.

Favorite Animal: Snow Leopard

Pets: 4 housecats, 3 outdoor cats, and 1 dogs. Note: I don't actually have any pets that are entirely mine right now. I had adopted a dog off the street, but my sister's dog dug out and off they both went. Hers came back. Mine didn't. I've yet to find him. After three weeks I'm not holding out much hope anymore. Of the cats, Murky, one of the indoor cats, is sort of mine. I would lay claim to her as much as one can claim a cat. The other is an old cat named Marmalade. I'm working on taming one feral and one completely wild cat outdoors. I use the term feral to refer to a cat that once was someone's pet but long since has become wild. He's tame enough now that I can pet it, but he's still a wild boy at heart. The other wild one is Irion, and he's only tame enough to eat out of my hand, but it takes time and patience to get him to do that. I'm hoping I'll get him to trust me one day. He's a great cat. I think he's about my favourite next to Murky. I love him a lot.

Favorite Holiday: Christmas. It's my family's tradition to open one present on Christmas Eve and then the rest on Christmas morning. We eat Christmas dinner on Christmas Day also.

And if you haven't figured it out yet, winter is my favorite season and I love snow. I want to live somewhere where there is tons of snow all winter long and there is always a white Christmas.

Siblings: 2 sisters

Other interests: Sci-fi such as all Star Trek series, Babylon 5(I just have to say that again. I love that show), Stargate SG-1, Andromida, Farscape, Earth Final Conflict, The Outer Limits, Knight Rider, Viper, etc. I also like fantasy such as Hercules, Xena(I used to watch it before it got stupid), Forever Knight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, etc. I must emphasize this also, I love reading. When reading a book or online story, I get completely obsessed. I just have to finish reading it. I never want it to end. That's why I love online stories so much. They never end, but the waiting for the next chapter gets to me. I enjoy reading Sci-fi, fantasy, anthropomorphic(I suppose that would fall into the fantasy category, but I felt it deserved to have its own), and mystery stories. I guess that I'm a romantic because I actually enjoy well written love stories. My favorite super heroes are Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. I grew up idolizing them and still watch cartoons of all three and read their comic books occasionally. I love most all cartoons and have come to love several anime series over the past several years. "Zoids" was one of the first series I got into. I also like "Inuyasha", "Trigun", "Wolf's Rain", and quite a few others. As bad as it can sometimes be, DBZ is a classic that I can't help but like. I'm adding something now that I just thought of tonight. Godzilla. He's my hero. Bad or good, I don't care. The big, green guy rocks. There's a new movie, the last movie according to Toho, out in December, "Godzilla: Final Wars". It debuts in the United States. So hopefully it'll come around other theaters before too long. I'll certainly be looking forward to it. Up until now, "Godzilla 1985" is my favorite of the movies.

Religion and Politics:
I'm a snow leopard from Texas, brought up with conservative ideals but mellowed a little. I'd say I'm more in the middle and thinking for my self rather than siding with any particular, well, side. Some specifics would be that I don't believe in institutionalized marriage. I believe it should be something personal that people decided between themselves. The government should have no say in sanctioning or banning it. I am pro life and pro gun. Those are just a few examples.

I am a Christian and have quite a few beliefs that differ from those of mainstream Christianity, but I live with it. I believe that my beliefs are correct and I have a solid foundation of faith. I don't have any specific denomination, although, I've gone to several different churches over the years including, Methidost, Catholic, and Baptist. All that I know is that I'm a Christian and have strong Christian thoughts, beliefs, ethics, morals, and ideals. I follow what I believe to be right according to what I've learned. I try to read the Bible everyday, but only have a few verses memorized. I respect other's beliefs and will listen to them, but do not easily change mine. I am open minded enough to listen and consider. If I believe that I am wrong in the matter, I will then change my beliefs accordingly. I don't often change them though. I am a Therian as well as Christian. I can tell you more if you ask, but this is a deeply personal thing for me.

Goals: I'd like to be an author, one that is professionally published and makes a profit from it, someday. It is my dream to live somewhere cold and snowy, as I said before.

I like making new friends, though sometimes I wonder if I'm spreading myself too thin. It gets a bit difficult to keep up with everybody. Still, I'm willing to give people a chance. So if you want to, give me a hello and we can talk.

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